Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Photography ... more roses

I am learning more about Photography on my own and am amazed at how a camera can capture such beauty that you may otherwise miss ...  These are "blush" roses again from Harris Teeter.

The key to good photos is correct lighting.  Something that I don't have at all times within my home.  I bought some different roses Saturday afternoon at my local Harris Teeter and they were mostly buds ... awoke Sunday morning to the most beautiful opening of the softest hue of a blushing shade of pink.

Simply viewing the roses from one angle to another changes the lighting effect on them.  I know this all makes sense to you seasoned photographers but to a novice such as I it is amazing!

I've got a project in mind for all of these photos ...

Can you guess what it is ...

They are so romantic and refreshing ...

I truly love the simplistic romantic look of them.

I'm spoiling myself with my fresh roses ...

We all splurge on something ... Starbucks ... I think I will splurge on roses ...

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Monday, September 15, 2014

jelly jar roses ...

I must confess that I have begun a love affair with roses ... all roses, any color, any type!  Sharing with you a sweet way to display a spray of roses that you can pick up at your local grocer ... these came from Harris Teeter for $4 and I must say that I think that is where I will be buying them from now on?

I think that roses in any glass container is beautiful but mason jars and jelly jars are two of my favorites.

The subtle scent from roses evokes many memories of my grammaw Workman's roses that she had on her property.  She had climbing roses and different types of rose bushes but one of the things I  think of are my precious times spent with her when I see or smell the wonderful scent of a rose.

These little beauties will sit on the kitchen counter and welcome me into memory lane every time I walk by them.

They are so romantic no matter how you decide to display them whether they are real or faux!

I am so in love ...

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Autumn Open House at Spade and Broom 2014 - Part 2

Sharing some inspiring photos today of my visit to Kristen's Autumn Open House at Spade and Broom 2014.  It got crowded very quickly as usual and my photos were limited as people were buying their treasures very quickly because if you think twice ... IT'S GONE ! when you come back!!

There were these huge pumpkins that surely some of them, to get them out to your car ... you would have to have a means of lifting them other than yourself!

When you enter the shop from the front door there are 3 rooms devoted to the shop.  Then the next part of the downstairs are the family's living quarters that consists of the family room/kitchen area.  I love this room.  There is so much character to this family's home and adorable shop.   From the painted original wood flooring to the nooks that have original french doors. 

When you shop Spade and Broom you become accustomed to all the wonderful family pets and they to you. 

Is this not adorable!! sitting on her eggs!!

 The charming cabinet behind the sofa that holds some of the bird cages and you have got to see the uniques use of a china hutch as a bird cage that I was able to photograph last year HERE!

 The working and well used kitchen with so much cottage charm!  Love the open cabinetry and the copper lighting over the sink.  You can see more of the kitchen in last years photos HERE.

I didn't get a photo of the dining room this year because of all the delighted customers and visitors but you can see the fireplace and part of the dining room HERE from last year.

You will find wonderful collections in Kristen's home whether it be of fans, weighing scales, crystal and so much more ...

  So much to love about this home and family business.
Enjoy your Sunday and have a wonderful and blessed upcoming week.
(yes ... that is a tennis shoe under the bed :)  
Please stop by Spade and Brooms facebook page to see more of this wonderful shop!!

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Autumn Open House 2014 at Spade and Broom

Can I tell you that I have shopped a lot of stores that sell refurbished and re purposed furniture and accessories but my favorite and the best one is Spade and Broom in Trinity NC.  Now this is not my first post about Spade and Broom but just letting you know that if you are in the area or come into NC for the furniture market in High Point that is held twice a year ... make a point to go to this wonderful shop that Kristen and her husband run out of their home with the help of her mom too.

It was wall to wall with customers this morning.  I arrived about 15 minutes before the shop opened and people were making their way into the parking lots.  I will have some wonderful photos of Kristen's home that she opens up for us about twice a year .  To see last years open house click here! Enjoy your weekend dear readers and I will see you back with more from Spade and Broom's Autumn Open House 2014.

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